Uhuru Dubai Deal pleads highly qualified Kenyans with a 10-year visa

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is appealing to highly trained Kenyans among them doctors and scientists with a 10-year visa to support its economic development.

With a plan built towards the end of 2021 that also directs foreigners around the world, the Arab nation has established a system of supremacy that could lead to a new cycle of extinction.

A long-term residency visa is aimed at specific people in science and knowledge, such as doctors and founders, nurses and health care officials as well as founders in the cultural and artistic fields or those for sale.

For investors, they must have a wallet within the UAE worth Sh61.9 million (2 million dirhams) or more. Entrepreneurs can form a wealthy company or partners in an existing company by donating no less than the same amount.

Visas will allow foreigners, their family members and two business partners to stay in the UAE and enjoy the benefits of permanent residency.

The program to attract Middle Eastern intellectuals comes as Kenya continues to send workers into the country especially in the fields of health care, tourism and tourism. The country will also issue UAE passports under the same requirements.

Cabinet Secretary for Trade and Industry Betty Maina said the beneficiaries of Kenya must meet the conditions of immigration and conduct medical examinations in the UAE.

“They are determined to simplify visas for business people. They have a gold visa framework which is a multi-year entry visa and several Kenyans have benefited from this arrangement and many more can benefit, ”Ms Maina told the High-Level Business Forum in the UAE hosted by Kenya on Tuesday.

Currently, the country is issuing a two-year renewable and highly paid work visa. A survey conducted by the Central Bank of Kenya shows that the UAE is the third largest source of remittances behind the US and UK.

In July, the UAE announced that Kenyan small and medium enterprises (SMEs) established in Dubai will receive free two-year rental work as part of a new support program ahead of Expo 2020 Dubai.

President Uhuru Kenyatta has revived the debate on the possibility of a free trade agreement (FTA) between countries to address trade and tax issues. “We look forward to the establishment of a pre-emptive trade agreement between the UAE and Kenya and the Gulf states,” President Uhuru said during the forum.

“I think the easiest way is the FTA and I hope it is something the countries will agree on.” Uhuru also called for increased business relations in the financial services and health care sector.

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    I pray God to help me to get a visa and work in this country.

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