Tot High School Arrest lifted

Rift Valley Regional Commissioner Maalim Mohamed has confirmed that Tot High school Principal has not been arrested and will not be arrested as that will create more tension in the school and the community.

”As I was watching the 7 o’clock news bulletin I came across an item that was talking of the arrest of the principal, tot secondary school that is Mr. Simon Wahongo Manoku, and I want to make a clarification that and confirm that the principal is actually at school and caring out his responsibility the day to day activity of that school, so there is no arrest, we are confirming that is no arrest and we have allowed the principal to continue his duties and particularly we don’t want to create a chaos when already our students are traumatized following the unfortunate incident at Kisumani area, following that banditry attack.

 So what we want is to actually talk to the students and we have been doing this by county commissioner Elgeiyo Marakwet and his team. We have come to calm down the students and pacifying them assuring them of security, they are now calm and they are continuing with their studies as much as there are others at the hospital including the teachers. It is our prayer that they will overcome and leave the hospital soon. All we are saying is that there is no of arrest the head teacher. The principal is carrying on his duty to serve management of the school concerned.

Secondly, we have actually taken armed officers to that school, since yesterday we have four armed police officers 24 -7 operating that school. What we have also done is we are in consultation with the ministry of education; we are going to take counselors to that school so that we engage the students and the teaching fraternity so that we are able to calm them down because they are apparently traumatized by that incident.

 So kindly am appending to the members of the media let us not actually create unnecessary anxiety, tension in our learning institutions. We know we are heading into a very sensitive period as far as our national calendar is concerned and I want to confirm that next week we have called all the county commissioner in Rift Valley region, my regional security committee and education officials to actually make sure that we have adequate security measures and other logistical arrangements in as far as the examination for both KCPE and KCSE are concerned. Be assured and reassured the members of public that we will make sure we have adequate security arrangement.” He said in a televised audio call.

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