Court awards kuppet members Sh 90M

The High Court of Kenya has ruled that KUPPET Union should refund Ksh 90 million in union dues to it’s members. The court found that the union dues were deducted illegally from the teachers.

“That the respondents each refund any monies deducted from the salaries of the claimant and the persons on whose behalf he filed this suit and remitted to the first respondent on account of union dues or agency fees after the date they ceased to be employees of the third respondent,” Justice Onyango ordered.

KUPPET (Kenya Union of post primary Education Teachers) was formed to respond to specific challenges of representation of teachers in post primary institutions in the employment of Teachers Service Commission (TSC).   Members wanted a Union to advocate for the establishment on sound ethical and professional policies that guarantee job security and fair resolutions to members’ grievances related to work.  It was also to negotiate with the government of Kenya and its agents, any public or private institutions offering education related services, better terms and conditions of employment and thereby formulate clear representation and negotiation procedures including promotion and other packages. Teachers who are members of the union contribute monthly dues to run the union.

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