Churches Will Not Implement Gov’t Order On Proof Of Vaccination, Arch. Muheria

Photo: Archbishop Antony Muheria

Anthony Muheria, Nyeri Catholic Archbishop says the church is objected to the government’s directive on denying unvaccinated Kenyans access to public places. He said putting such conditions in which Kenyans are blocked from accessing government services if not vaccinated is same to blocking the whole nation from the same.

The Archbishop said that citizens can’t be denied their rights just because they are unvaccinated, while the exercise ought to be purely voluntary.

“We have denied Christ inside our lives and hearts. Our youth don’t know where they are going because they cannot see the star and their ears have been shut with material and physical things. Let us look up to the star. The star is christ, the star is the goodwill of our hearts. “Ingawa tumekosea na roho zetu ziko na chafuchafu, bado Kristo anataka kuja kwenyu vijana. Christ still wants to come to us. Let us welcome him into our politics, our societies and our lives so that you may be blessed.” Archbishop Muheria said.

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