Concerns over exam preparedness and fresh talks for postponing exams

Photo: Education Cabinet Secretary

The revised education calendar shows that second term started on October 11 and was to end on December 23. However most schools decided to close the schools earlier to avoid possible arson cases by the students.

This was, however, without the mid-term break which was slotted as a new after-thought as learners’ indiscipline went increased, consuming almost a week of learning.

Concerns have emerged on whether students completed the second term syllabus after high school principals opted to send children back home a week to the official closing date. Close to two weeks were lost during the term. Principals, who spoke to The Standard, said schools started closing as early as December 14 as students’ unruliness continued to dog second term.

“A few questions require forward-thinking to avert a catastrophe next term: Have schools covered what they were supposed to cover in second term? If not, how will this affect the candidates’ exams readiness come next term? What is the feasible plan to ensure the term runs smoothly and successfully for the benefit of all the school communities­–learners, teachers and parents?” said Manyasa.

One thought on “Concerns over exam preparedness and fresh talks for postponing exams

  1. Dominic Kemboi says:

    Exams should not be postponed.Pupils and teachers are much prepared for certificate of primary exams.Even if to be done the next.If students were ready to ruin their future life in the expense of petty issues of burning schools then let it be.Timetable to remain as scheduled.

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