How to download covid 19 certificate

Government has announced that those without covid 19 vaccination certificate will not be able to get certain government services. It has therefore created a portal that is a self service portal by the Ministry of Health for all the residents within the Republic of Kenya to aid in the Covid-19 Vaccination Process.

The portal will help you to Download Your Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate. Once you have been vaccinated, you can download and scan your Kenya Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate.

The portal also allows you to view Your Covid-19 Registration Information. The Kenya Covid-19 Vaccination Portal allows you to view details such as date of birth, identification information and contact information.

Also, using the portal you can Verify Your Kenya Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate. To verify your Kenya Covid-19 Certificate, scan the QR code provided on the certificate. Use this link to get to the portal https://portal.health.go.ke/

8 thoughts on “How to download covid 19 certificate

  1. Martin Orwa says:

    It was a noble idea to have been vaccinated,am healthy.People to get the vaccine.

  2. Amos Wakuta Malaka says:

    People to take precautions to stop the spread of omicron viruses

  3. Arthur Ashira says:

    It is good to protect yourself which ensures good health conditions for others take a vaccine for your on benefit

  4. Josephine Wanjiru Mutisya says:

    You’re safe after vaccination

  5. Healthy after vaccination

  6. Hassan Issak Adow says:

    COVID 19 vaccine certificate

    1. Hassan Issak Adow says:


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