No changing of schools, Magoha

”The reporting in schools is still very low. And I have a feeling that some people think they are going to still change schools. And I’m going to give very firm instructions to the school leaders, that the issue of changing schools now should stop. The children should go to schools where they have been placed.

Unless there are special circumstances like medical. Or others that we can partake. Every Kenyan School is well-funded. Every Kenyan child is funded to the same level. What will determine the child’s performance? Most importantly is a child’s self-drive and discipline. So, stop keeping the children home because you think they are going to be taken to another school.

That’s not going to happen, for the parents who don’t have enough school fees. Send your child with the money that you have as you look for the rest of them. I hope we are very clear here and to the head teachers and principals in the country.

We are very disappointed as a government that you have still not started to register students and the pupils for the forthcoming grade six Assessment, KCPE and KCSE Exams which must be ready at the very worst within a week, because we need to ensure that the exams are printed and in time. Stop listening to people who are saying that a hundred percent transition has failed. Those people have no brains because I keep saying that if you look at this year, we had 10.666% more students than the previous year.

And I’m very sure that the one for this year is going to have More students. So the 100% transition is working and our focus is in the weakest link. Every Kenyan school, is safe as you can imagine, if there is an issue, even if it needs public participation we shall do it.

Even if you ask ask the people there they will tell you that this government is that a government of the people, by the people and for the people. So don’t scare my children. Every child in the school is as safe as the other one. So every child will go to school.

That is the president’s order. And I think it has worked really well, except for that Kenyans never say anything good about anybody, and this is one area where they’re extremely weird”.

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