All Teachers should update their details to access Tpay. The Commission is committed to improve its service delivery through automation of its processes. To operationalize this, the Commission issued Circular 2/2021 dated 1 5th February 2021, Upscaling of Online Services for Teachers, which provided guidelines on automation of services.

In order to enhance the security of teachers’ information and in line with the Data Protection Act 201 9, the Commission requires all teachers to update their TPAY profile in the following manner:

i. Access the payslip page through the TSC website and log into TPAY

ii. Upload a passport photo clearly showing the face, without glasses or head-covered

iii. Enter and verify current mobile numbers

iv. Once you enter the mobile number and OTP (One Time Password) will be sent to your mobile number

v. Input the OTP to validate the mobile number

vi. Click on the validate tab to verify that it is the correct mobile number

NB: Only a valid code will be accepted and once verified the number cannot be changed, The mobile number will be used during loan application and approvals

vii. Enter and verify official email issued by the Commission e.g

NB: A One-Time-Password (OTP) code will be sent to the email provided. Only a valid code will be accepted to veHfy the email. The email will be used duHng loan application and approvals. viii. Click on the validate tab to verify the email.

In this regard, heads of institution are required to:

  1. verify and approve the profile of teachers under their supervision within 30 days from the date of this circular.
  2. have their profiles verified and approved by the Sub-County Directors (for head teachers of primary institution) and County Directors (for heads of post primary institutions) respectively. This should be done within 30 days from the date of this circular.

Heads of institution who will not have validated the particulars of teachers under their supervision within the stipulated time will not be able to access their TPAY accounts.

The TPAY validation exercise takes effect from 9th June, 2022 and will close on 15th July 20220 For assistance, teachers may seek help on the verification through the following address; or TSC County Offices.

County Directors and Sub County Directors are directed to ensure that the contents of this circular are disseminated to all teachers serving under their respective jurisdictions.

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