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TSC Jobs Scoresheet 2022

TSC Scoresheet 2022

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has given the TSC Jobs Scoresheet 2022 for primary and post-primary teachers.

According to the guidelines, previous and currently serving intern teachers have been awarded based on the period served.

Teachers who served an internship for 3 years have been awarded 15 marks. Those who served for 2 years have been awarded 10 marks while those serving the first year have been awarded 5 marks.

The intern teachers should produce evidence of internship during TSC recruitment interviews. The evidence is a letter of internship and a copy of the latest payslip.

This new move has caused panic, especially among teachers who are serving as interns for the first time.

The majority of intern teachers assumed the Commission would award them 30 marks for serving as interns.

However, after an uproar from unemployed teachers who opposed the previous scoresheet which gave intern teachers 30 marks the TSC Commission has responded by slashing the marks.

Teachers claimed it was not their fault not to serve as intern teachers. They said the internship slots are limited and all teachers can’t be absorbed as interns.

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