Live TPD Training, Day Three.

Do you want to have a glimpse of the ongoing TPD Training. Below is a Zoom video of a live class in one of the counties.

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has accredited KEMI, KU, MKU and Riara universities to provide Teacher Professional Development (TPD) program to registered Teachers in Public and Private Primary and Secondary Schools, Trainers in tertiary institutions as well as Instructional Leaders in the public and private institutions. The overall objective of the TPD program is to professionalize teaching by continuously developing and improving teachers’ skills, competencies, and knowledge in line with the 21st Century core competencies aimed at enhancing the provision of quality education. We have compiled videos for the ongoing event.

The training is being conducted via zoom. KEMI for example has zoom classes for all the counties. Below is a live class for KEMI Kiambu county. Watch video and download notes for free here.

TPD refers to life-long teacher learning and comprises the full range of educational experiences designed to enrich teachers’ professional knowledge, understanding, and application of the concept throughout their teaching career.

TPD program will afford Kenyan teachers global compliance to acceptable standards as with other professions.

KEMI had scheduled to begin TPD training on December 27 2021 but postponed the same to begin on 28th December 2021. The training is being conducted virtually via zoom.

21 thoughts on “Live TPD Training, Day Three.

  1. korir benard says:

    Am korir Benard tsc677804 l registered but no link given

    1. You can check the email you registered with

  2. Everline says:

    Why some universities are not updating teachers and yet we have paid this is really stressing out our minds

  3. Bonny Isaac says:

    Am Bonny Isaac tsc no.497073. I have registered but no link nor zoom ID has been send yet,what is the way forward?

  4. Michael Nyakundi says:

    Am disappointed with KEMI because they are not interested in informing us the link to the online training. Am stranded .

    1. How about you can check your email for next steps.

      1. Did you check your email

  5. Grace says:

    Registered butmo link

    1. You can check your email for next steps.

  6. Francis Mbuva Kisilu says:

    Please add me to KEMI whatsapp group 0708104673

    1. Follow us for our next updates to join group

  7. Teresa mut says:

    I have registered, send me the link

    1. Perhaps you can check your email for next steps.

  8. Daniel says:

    I want to withdraw for another institutions..how can I do it?

  9. Lilian Mboni says:

    Have registered but have not received a link for joining

  10. I’m not able to access the KEMI training slides and the virtual campus is very cumbersome to access. The facilitators promised to send the slides or notes later today but have not been able. I really rely on those notes or slides in order to attempt the assignment

  11. Daniel says:

    Have registered and no link…

  12. Victor Omwelema Omunyang'oli says:

    I am Victor Omwelema Omunyang’oli TSC No. 620371 I have registered waiting for zoom link please provide.

  13. Oluoch Mesharck says:

    I have registered and need the meeting link TSC no 552070

  14. Maurice says:

    Maurice Omondi TSC no 276803 struggled to link up for the four days but failed yet I had registered, please next time involved edutv for easy access to all participants

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