Thousands attend TPD Training

TPD Training live Session notes

The TPD training for teachers started today with thousands of teachers attending the TPD training. The training has commenced despite recent ruling by the court against the TPD.

According to TSC, the planned rollout of the Teacher Professional Development (TPD) program will benefit teachers as it seeks to promote professionalism in the teaching service. First, TPD modules are aimed at identifying and addressing teaching gaps.

The three institutions approved to offer TPD started their trainings today across the country. Below is an overview of first day session by KEMI see notes and videos below.

Watch TPAD Training session Live

What are your thoughts on TPD as training commences today? Leave your opinion in the comments section below. Remember to share this post.

5 thoughts on “Thousands attend TPD Training

  1. Thomas k Muiruri says:

    It’s a good method for offering teachers a decent way of promotion instead of an interview and even enhancing one’s teaching skills and attitudes on the job.

    1. Kendi Agnes Joseph says:

      A good method of impacting knowledge and skills to we teachers

      1. Elizabeth Kamau says:

        Nitumie meeting id

  2. Vincent Mutai says:

    Indeed enjoyed the process of TPD

  3. PAUL MALTA says:

    I think I enjoyed every bit of it, the learning outcomes are so inspiring. The thought of being a teacher equipped with knowledge, skills and attitudes that enables me to fit in any teaching environment the world over is not only nostalgic,but also enhances high self esteem and encourages a sense of professionalism.

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