Solution on Validating Tpay Problems

TSC requires all teachers to validate their Tpay details by 8th July 2022. However some teachers are having problems validating their accounts. Here is the solution.

1. Am getting validation code mismatch what should I do?

When you get validation code mismatch mostly it is not because you have not entered the correct validation code but because you have skipped an important part which is to upload a profile photo. Start by uploading a good passport size photo which will serve as a profile picture then proceed to validate your phone number.

2. The system tells me to upload a passport size less than 5MB what does this mean?

This simply means you have uploaded a passport size photo that is too huge for the system to handle.

The system can only deal with photos that are less than 5MB in size. The solution is to resize your photo to get an image size of less than 5MB alternatively you can take another photo with reduced resolution to get a smaller image size.

3. I have problem with email verification, I don’t have a TSC email what should I do?

When TSC ordered teachers to activate their TSC email around 191,199 teachers complied. This means there are thousands of others without official TSC email.

However, you can create one if you didn’t by using the link https://office.com and clicking sign up for the free version of office where you will be directed to a place where you can create your email account. Use your first name and surname and the last two digits of your TSC number @mwalimu.tsc.go.ke for example njoroge15@mwalimu.tsc.go.ke

4. Where can I login so I can access the OTP sent to my TSC email

To access your email account, go to https://office.com and sign in. For Android phone users you can go to Play Store and download Microsoft Outlook which will make it easy to login to your email account. Ensure you enter the right email address and password to successfully sign in.

According to TSC Heads of institution who will not have validated the particulars of teachers under their supervision within the stipulated time will not be able to access their TPAY accounts.

5. What should I do I have tried in vain to get OTP in my email. Every time I check its not there yet am told its sent to my email.

It’s possible to have OTP verification problems especially with your email. The Commission has provided its officials to help teachers with problems they can’t handle.

If you experience problems that you can’t handle, just send an email to TSC officials explaining your problem in details. Use their official address tpayverification@tsc.go.ke and ensure you attach a scanned copy of original ID.

Alternatively, you can contact your TSC County ICT officers for assistance on the matter.

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