Schools funding disbursed

Schools get funds as Cabinet Secretary Prof George Magoha speaks tough on canning

Sh19 billion has been released by the Government for capitation funds to schools as George Magoha, Education Cabinet Secretary, cautioned school Principals and Headteachers against entertaining any sort of physical punishment imposed on learners.

Prof George Magoha announced that schools will receive the assets by Monday, adding that both secondary and primary schools will receive the funds.

Magoha also praised some of the schools for the active implementation of education strategies and claimed a number of school Principals and Headteachers had done a wonderful job.

He appealed that a number of teachers had succeeded in taking care of students despite the rough times and have managed to hold learners in schools.

He also said that particularly in day and boarding schools, the principals have been able to retain learners in school which is a good symbol even as we are struggling and also wanted them to recall the struggle, we have here is not Kenyan but global.

Prof George Magoha also elevated concerns on the growing propensities of some school Principals and Headteachers in day schools who send learners back home to collect cash for inspiration and food despite government warnings. He defined the move as criminal and said strict action would be taken against them.

He also cautioned teachers against engaging in physical punishment and said the ministry will not entertain scoundrel teachers. While reproving the recent case where a pupil at Nyamninia primary school fled away after he was allegedly beaten by a teacher for failing to achieve 400 marks.

Magoha appealed that some teachers had become rascals and said it is against the law for any trainer to lay their hands on a student and worse off to beat a learner in that manner.

He contended that there are other ways to inspire a learner to improve in school work as thrashing invites rebellion. He also said that TSC will deal with rascal teachers at their level while the Ministry of Education will guarantee those rascal teachers face the full force of the law.

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