New KNUT Sec General Announced

Collins Oyuu has been elected as the new Secretary General of the Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) He is taking over from Dr. Wilson Sossion who resigned yesterday.

Oyuu has been elected unopposed during the union’s elections held at Ruaraka grounds in Nairobi this Saturday. During the elections members of the union voted for over 15 positions with the positions for the Chairperson, Treasurer and Deputy Secretary General having a single candidate eyeing each of the seat.

Sossion resigned sighting frustration from TSC. “In the interest of KNUT continuity and its membership, I hereby on June 25, 2021 bow out of KNUT leadership honorably. I shall remain loyal to KNUT and will always be available to advice and support the leadership of the union,” said Sossion.

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  1. I take this opportunity to congratulate you for the update and God bless you abundantly

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