Mushrooming of schools is to blame for teachers shortage

Teachers Service Commission(TSC) CEO, Dr. Nancy Macharia says Mushrooming of schools is to blame for teachers shortage in the country.

According to TSC Chief Executive Officer, the mushrooming of schools is putting pressure on the existing facilities, which are not enough for learners.

Macharia was Speaking at the National Schools Conference in Kisumu. She says that although TSC is to ensure optimal staff in each school, teachers shortage has been made worse by mushrooming of schools & enrolment of students due to 100 per cent transition directive from the Ministry of Education.

“For example a girls’ school and a mixed school within the same locality. The girls’ school is very well enrolled, while the mixed school has one stream that has only 50 students. In this case, those children need teachers because they are learning the whole curriculum as well.

So what happens is we get a headteacher and two other teachers from the girls’ school, and as a result understaff the girls’ school which also needs all those teachers,” she said yesterday at the conference.

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