As Freedom Fighters mourn Tom Okwach who is buried alive in Abimbo Mines, Bondo, OLIGARCHS are mourning Charles Njonjo, a man who spent 100 years of his life abusing, degrading and torturing Africans. Njonjo became Kenya’s Attorney General without being a qualified Advocate.

To be an advocate in a commonwealth country like Kenya, one had to have graduated from a recognized law school in the Commonwealth with a common law degree. Njonjo had taken ROMAN LAW courses at Fort Hare University, South Africa, without graduating but became AG because of his tribe.

Because he wasn’t qualified and suffered from debilitating low self-esteem, Charles Njonjo spent 15 years as Jomo Kenyatta’s AG, imposing dictatorial rules over GENUINE ADVOCATES, detaining, torturing, killing and exiling Freedom Fighters and supporting APARTHEID in South Africa.

Jomo Kenyatta used Charles Njonjo to organize and carry out the brutal ASSASSINATIONS of Pio Gama Pinto, Argwings Kodhek, Thomas Joseph Mboya, JM Kariuki and many other Kenyan patriots. Njonjo was one of the key MAFIA who made Kenya a ONE PARTY STATE.

Charles Njonjo married a caucasian woman when he was in his late forties or early fifties and publicly stated he could not date, or marry an African woman because “African Women Are Ugly.” He also stated that he could not shake hands with Luos “because Luos are Dirty.”

Njonjo and other Mount Kenya Mafia schemed to turn Jomo Kenyatta into an UNELECTED IMPERIAL MONARCH whom he helped rule (not govern) Kenya with an iron fist for life. With Kenyatta and others, Njonjo stole land the size of Kiambu County and TRILLIONS OF SHILLINGS of PUBLIC WEALTH.

It was Charles Njonjo who detained Ngugi wa Thiong’o, Koigi Wamwere, Martin Shikuku, George Anyona. Wasonga Sijeyo, Ogaye Ochola MaKanyengo, Tom Okelo Odongo, Abuya Abuya, John Khaminwa, and ordered the brutal torture and killings of Adungosi and others.

In 1978, Charles Njonjo schemed and had Daniel arap Moi imposed as Kenya’s second president after Kenyatta died. Njonjo made Moi president without elections within 90 days as stipulated in the old Constitution. He wanted a “weak president” he could remove at will.

It was Charles Njonjo who conspired with Conman Raila Odinga and Jaramogi Oginga Odinga and ORGANIZED a coup detat against Moi in 1982. Ochuka, Okumu and other Kenya Air Force soldiers who were later HANGED were just MTU WA MKONO, sacrificed to save Njonjo, Raila and Odinga.

Charles Njonjo SUPERVISED the construction of the NYAYO TORTURE CHAMBERS and the TORTURES that took place there, at NYATI HOUSE and other TORTURE DUNGEONS in Kenya. Njonjo embodies the culture of impunity. Regrettably, he has died without PAYING FOR HIS SINS and EVIL DEEDS.

ROT IN HELL, Charles Njonjo. You represent all the problems Kenyans want to, and must, rid themselves of: Tribalism, Corruption, Repression, Land-Grabbing, Self-Hatred, Use of Political Power for Personal Gain, and ANTI-AFRICAN Neocolonial Structures, Laws and Policies.

Charles Njonjo hated Africans so much that he publicly declared on numerous occasions that he could not fly in a plane or helicopter piloted by an African. He always flew in planes piloted by Europeans and insisted that all his SECRETARIES had to be WHITE WOMEN; not African.

On more than 15 occasions and on live TV, Charles Njonjo PUBLICLY stated that he could not greet Luos “because they are dirty and have kipindupindu.” He stole hundreds of thousands of acres of land belonging to Kikuyu peasants, detained, maimed and killed thousands of Kikuyus.

To William Samoei Ruto: You cannot pretend to represent hustlers, peasants and workers, especially from Mount Kenya, when you mourn Njonjo who represents dynasties.

To Conman Raila Odinga: You cannot pretend to support Luos when your best friend, Njonjo, HATED LUOS.


  1. Alex says:

    Miguna come back to Kenya, you’re giving us stories we perceive as true

    1. Kosango says:

      Accurat information this time.Migush apewe tatu kwa bill yangu.???

  2. rier. says:

    telling it, like it is. BLACK AND WHITE. IMPUNITY WILL NEVER END. I love Miguna’s bravery.

  3. Nyabuogi says:

    Peeling the mask on the late Oligarch

    I miss your input on political matters in kenya

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