Magoha again on gay students

Cabinet Secretary for Education Professor George Magoha has reiterated that gay students should be daytime academics.

Speaking after visiting a first-grade student class at Arya Girls ’High School in Nairobi, Magoha said such students should not be in boarding schools and should not harass their classmates in their dormitories.

CS Magoha argued that academic students of the day would put them closer to their parents while giving priority to accountability and accountability.

“I said if you are gay in a boarding school and you jump from one student’s bed to another, your rights end there,” said Magoha, arguing that he had previously been misunderstood.

“You can be a good gay man who doesn’t disturb anyone who goes out to do your things after school,” he added.

Professor Magoha added that he did not oppose homosexuality but would not tolerate such actors in educational institutions.

“I am not against homosexuals but you will get out of 1,2,3,4 beds, which we have announced will be daytime scholarships,” said Magoha.

“… That will put them closer to their parents and I think they have a responsibility to start talking to them, there is nothing wrong with that,” he added.

Magoha has denied the allegations in a statement issued Friday stating “Similar, baseless allegations concerning drug abuse have been made more than once in the past.

According to him, gay students should be allowed to attend day schools near their homes.

“Currently there are current cases of homosexual and male children, they have to go to day schools near their homes. Your responsibility should be to the many and not to the few. Do not allow yourself to be intimidated by children, ”said Prof Magoha in his December 2021 speech.

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One thought on “Magoha again on gay students


    Absolute sheer nonsense ,please there is no compromising of dignity. Scrap that nonsensical lgbt thing from our schools in Kenya. That’s a white man culture. Let’s be free from that devilish act. We will not expose our children from it

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