KNUT Opposes CBC Structure in New Demands

Knut now wants primary schools to host junior secondary schools in the new competence based curriculum. The Knut’s proposal contradicts the existing task force report that recommends that current secondary schools to host the junior secondary.

This new twist might turn out as a battle for members in the implementation of the CBC curriculum. When CBC will be fully implemented, the primary schools shall lose two classes because learners will finish at grade six instead of class eight.

Earlier this year also, The Kenya National Union of Teachers (Knut) has stepped up its opposition to the new curriculum saying it would not support its implementation.

In a paid advert in local dailies, Knut secretary-general said the ongoing rollout of competency based curriculum (CBC) in pre-school and lower primary is illegal in nature, and a violation of the Constitution.

“Worth noting, there is no statutory instruments to anchor the exercise, no Commission gazetted to manage the process, and the exercise is in total contravention of Public Participation Act (2018),” he said.

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