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KICD Reviews CBC Subjects

KICD Reviews CBC Subjects

KICD Reviews CBC Subjects: Primary and Secondary Curriculum Mergers.

The Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) is taking steps to optimize the learning experience for students by merging subjects. KICD Reviews CBC Subjects for both primary and secondary education. This is to align with the government’s push to reduce workload and enhance the new Competency Based Curriculum (CBC).

At the primary level, subjects such as home science, health education, and integrated science will be combined into a single comprehensive subject. Similarly, social studies and life skills will be integrated, streamlining the curriculum for greater effectiveness under CBC.

This move follows recommendations from the Presidential Taskforce on Education Reforms, suggesting a reduction in the number of subjects across various educational levels. The aim is to enhance the quality of learning while maintaining manageable workloads.

KICD CEO Charles Ong’ondo explained that subject mergers are based on shared concepts, enabling a more cohesive educational experience. For instance, integrated science and health education will be merged. Option of an additional subject will be introduced to cater to individual strengths and preferences.

In junior secondary, a review team at KICD is currently deliberating on which subjects can be made optional, considering factors like resource availability and nationwide readiness for implementation. The objective is to strike a balance between enriching the curriculum and practical feasibility.

Notably, KICD’s focus on merging subjects primarily applies to lower and upper primary levels. Plans for senior secondary are still under development. The institute aims to ensure that the CBC maintains its educational rigor while evolving to meet students’ needs and educational goals.

As these changes are assimilated into the curriculum, KICD remains committed to maintaining the integrity of subject content. KICD is fostering a well-rounded educational experience for learners. By streamlining subjects and optimizing the curriculum, KICD is taking significant steps towards enhancing the quality of education in Kenya.

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  1. Schools needs details of number of subjects to be taught

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