Introduce Caning in Schools, Principals insist

Introduce Caning in Schools, Principals insist. Principals in schools wants the government to formulate rules and regulations in the law to address indiscipline acts in schools because (Kessha) chairman said that there is no law that makes students accountable for their actions. Whatever students do in school there are not accountable for it. They break up things, burn schools and at last they  walk free because there is no law which makes them responsible for their deeds.

Mr Indimuli said that Children’s Act should be synchronised with school guidelines dealing with student indiscipline to ensure that the punishment given to such students is guided by law and added that teachers have been mostly punished because of the students acts when found on the wrong but the students go scot-free.

Mr Indimuli asked parents to give out some ideas in help for teachers to address indiscipline students in schools. He also asked parents to discipline their children and not leave the task to teachers alone.

Mr Indimuli said this while in a conference in Mombasa which was attended by headteachers and principals from different parts of the country. The conference is being held at Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan School.The conference had not been held since 2020 following the outbreak of covid-19.

The years’ theme is about re-examining education following the introduction of Competency Based Curriculum (CBD). He said the head teachers will discuss the problems and challenges in CBC and how to resolve issues surrounding the new curriculum and he also wanted them to discuss what is expected of them as heads of learning institutions and know if they were ready for grade seven as from next year.

Mr Indimuli said that the government to address recruitment and training of the teachers in CBC as the head teachers suggested. He also said that head teachers want parents to be involved in the development of school infrastructure.

He also said that they have representatives of parents’ association officials in the conference so that they fully participate in this discussion so as to enable them to move forward without leaving the others behind. And also said the government has to come up with a clear policy on how to manage pandemics without closure of schools.

He added that the the government should introduce digital learning in all schools so that when such things happens like the pandemic, every child should have access to virtual learning as it was said like two year ago.

Kessha national secretary Willie Kuria said diminishing parental involvement in school infrastructure development was worrying and also there should be restrictive caveats placed on levies by the government that is bad for schools.