IEBC Election observer, Voter Education providers INSTRUCTIONS


The Accreditation Management System (AMS) has the below categories, please read carefully the instructions on each category before you begin to apply:

  1. Election Observers
    Head of observer Mission will be required to;
    • Download and sign the statement of commitment and full list of members
    • Download and ensure each observer in the mission/ group signs the pledge by election observers.
    • Submit to the Commission all signed documents during collection of badges.
  1. Media
    • Ensure you have a VALID Media Council of Kenya (MCK) Number
    • You need to have a passport -size photograph in soft copy (.png/.jpg/.jep formats)
    • You need to have a letter from your media employer (.pdf formats)
    • For freelance journalists, provide letter from media house or outlet where the information is consumed or sold
  1. Voter Education Providers will be expected to;
    • Upload organization registration Certificate
    • Upload KRA Tax Compliance Certificate.
    • Choose your area of operation

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