Government has launched 3rd Phase of Kazi mtaani

The government has revived Kazi Mtaani Program. During the launch of the new program more than 6,800 youths in Laikipia County have been engaged in the third phase of the government’s Kazi Mtaani program.

The number is almost double that of 2020 in the county, where 3,615 were involved in rehabilitating infrastructure in the wake of Covid-19 pandemic.

County Commissioner Joseph Kanyiri, when launching the program at Nanyuki Central Park, said the work will involve repainting buildings at public institutions & planting trees.

“By engaging the youths in repainting buildings, it will be an avenue for them to gain useful skills that can assist them to earn income in life,” he said. 

“We are asking public institutions like schools to purchase paints and we shall provide them with free labor.”

The participants will be paid Khh450 per day, with their supervisors taking home Ksh505.

More than 3,000 youths gathered at the park, hoping to be absorbed into the new program.

Leaders who spoke during the function included political aspirants who appealed to the government to increase the number of beneficiaries and consider jobless people who are over 35 years old.

The youths will also be trained on savings and entrepreneurship.
Kazi Mtaani was launched at during Covid-19 when Kenya’s economy was suffering from job losses, low business and salary cuts.

The government had set aside Sh5 billion for the project and the money was sent directly to an individual’s M-Pesa account. Interested with kazi mtaani?

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