1. People have not been given the assurance that their data will not be used for nefarious activities. 2mks
  2.  Giving clear explanation to Kenyans on what precisely Huduma Namba is. 2mks
  • Benefits of the Swedish personnummer

-Plan and provide for social services

-Mapping out unemployed adults for monthly stipends

-Aid government to know where to build more schools, hospitals, colleges and industries

-Map out number of vulnerable people in need of support.

-Track down suspected criminals thus enhancing sescurity

Mark 4 points @1mk. Deduct 50% for wrong format (not answering in notes)

  • Disseminate information strategically to reach a majority of Kenyans to enhance the awareness of the Huduma Namba. 2mks
  • All Kenyans above age six are entitled to Huduma Namba then upon attainment of age 18, they can choose to register as voters or not thus enhancing their civic rights.2mks.
  • Receptive – Huduma Namba will streamline service delivery and reduce

-Huduma Namba will reduce the number of documents one needs to access     government service

– Open minded –  The writer looks forward to the brighter side of Huduma Namba albeit

                             with some improvements in the process of registration.

Mark any correct attitude (1mk) and correct illustration (1mk)

  • Huduma Namba will streamline service delivery, won’t it?
  • Appreciative – Writer appreciates the new service to be brought by the Huduma Namba

Supportive     – Writer supports the new the registration of Huduma Namba


i) Registration apathy – Poor turn out during registration

ii) Nefarious –Unlawful or wicked activity

iii) Stipend – Monetary support for the vulnerable in society.

Question 2: set text


  1. Mrs. Linde says, “I only feel my life unspeakably empty,” Briefly explain what happens to her before this excerpt regarding this statement.                                                              (4mks)
  2. Her husband died / she’s a widow.
  3. She is jobless / she has no money.
  4. She has no children of her own.
  5. Her mother is dead.
  6. Her brothers are all grown-ups and do not need her anymore.

(Accept any 4 points. One mark each)

  • Briefly discuss any major thematic concern brought out in this excerpt.                   (2mks)
  • Hopelessness – Mrs. Linde feels hopeless after suffering so much loss in her life.
  • Love and friendship – Mrs. Linde turns to her long-time friend, Nora for help.
  • Pain and suffering – Mrs. Linde explains her pain and suffering, “The worst of a position like mine is that it makes one so bitter.”

(Accept any other relevant, well-illustrated theme. Identification = 1mk, Illustration = 1mk)

  • Identity and illustrate any character trait brought out in this excerpt regarding.              (4mks)
    • Nora
      • Observant – “…and you look tired out now”
      • Concerned“…better go away to some watering-place.”
      • Helpful / supportive / kind / caring
  • She promises to help get Mrs. Linde a job at the bank through a husband.
  • “How kind you are, Nora, to be so anxious to help me!”
    • Calculating / tactical / manipulative / cunning / scheming / devious“I will broach the subject very cleverly – will think of something that will please him very much.”
  • Mrs. Linde
  • Hardworking
  • Sarcastic
  • Honest / sincere      –     I was delighted not so much on your account as on my own. She admits that she is bitter / selfish.
  • Opportunistic
  • Condescending / patronizingshe tells Nora, “…you know so little of the burdens and

troubles of life.”

  • She calls Nora ‘a child’.

(Expect 2 traits. Accept any other well illustrated trait. Identification: 1mk x2, Illustration: 1mk x2. Total = 4mks)

  • Nora says that she has not told Mrs. Linde ‘the important thing’. Briefly explain what this is.


  • Nora borrowed a loan of two hundred and fifty pounds from the bank without her husband’s knowledge.
  • She used the money to take her husband to Italy to recover from illness.
  • Nora lied to her husband that the money was given to her by her late father.
  • Identify and illustrate any two forms of style in the extract.                                      (4mks)

  • Sarcasm“I have no father to give me money for a journey, Nora.”
  • Metaphor“You are a child, Nora.”
  • Rhetorical question“I –? I know so little of them?”

(Expect 2 forms of style. Accept any other well illustrated style. Identification, 1mk, Illustration 1mk x 2 = 4mks)

  • From this excerpt, Nora promises to get Mrs. Linde a job. From later in the text, how does this decision negatively affect Nora?                                                                                       (3mks)
  • Helmer dismisses Krogstad for committing forgery and hires Mrs. Linde to take his place.
  • Krogstad threatens to reveal Nora’s secret about the loan if she does not help him to retain his job.
  •  Nora is unable to convince Helmer to change his mind and Krogstad reveals her secret in a letter to Helmer.
  • Helmer disowns Nora who leaves her family.
  • You are just like the others. (Add a question tag)                                                      (1mk)
  • aren’t’ you?
  • “I have no father to give me money for a journey, Nora.” What is ironical about this statement?


The irony is that Nora did not get money for their journey to Italy from her father. She got it through her own efforts / borrowed a loan from the bank.

  • Explain the meaning of the following words as used in the extract.                        (2mks)
    • backwaters

A remote / distant / isolated / far-off / inaccessible place.

  • trifles

Nothings / small issues


  1. The persona is possibly a father. 1mk Line 8 stanza 4 “And which is more – you’ll be a Man, my son!” 1mk

ii) -The persona is hopeful/optimistic towards life.

     “Keep your head ………when all are losing theirs’

      “Lose and start again”

  • He is focused

“Dream – but not make dreams your master.”

  • The persona does not give up easily.

Any 1 and illustration = 2mks

      iii)   The words “Triumphant and Disaster” have been personified to fit the human character   

                 of being imposters. (And treat those two imposters just the same)

iv)   Personification- Disaster and triumph have been given a human character trait of being                                 


  • Metaphor – “keep your head “ – Stay sane

Make any two 1mk state /1mk illustration = Total 4mks

      v)    The tone is persuasive /convincing/encouraging the son on how to overcome the                                                                    

             in life to be a man.

    vi) The persona does not look at losing as the end. He believes on second chances.

            He says “Never breath a word about your loss” You don’t have to dwell on your loss.

vii (a) And stoop and build ‘em up – Humble yourself, go back to the beginning and rebuild what                                             

          has been broken.

      b) And never breath a word –And never complain about the loss

       c) Walk with Kings – Socialize/Mingle with the high and mighty in society

viii) To be a man                               

–   Trust yourself always

 –   Never tire of waiting

 –  Don’t give way to hate                 Any 4 points. 1mk each. Total 4mks

–   Bear with liars

–  Overcome loss

–  Keep the virtue

– Never lose common touch




3a (i)  Had Ochieng asked, I would have been able to assist.

ii)  Were I the minister for National Security, I would have ensured tighter security checks at the borders.

iii) It was not until Onesmus had started the race that the teacher realized how fast he was.

b)  ( i) Contortions                                        ii) Deletions

c)   i) overboard                                              ii) backstage

d)  i) small, square,  metal, jewelry                ii) powerful, combined , military

e) i) with, in                                          ii) in, at

f) i) I regret that Iam about to disturb you

   ii) I regret /apologize that I have already disturbed you

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