QUICK SAFARIS TRANSPORT COMPANY LTD                             F ½ Serve All, Serve Best.F ½   Internal Memo F ½ REF/NO:  651/3/2015F ½ To        :    All the Drivers and Conductors                                                                             F ½ From  :  The Manager                                                                            F ½ CC        :The Assistant Manager                                                             F ½ Date  : 25th March, 2015 F ½   Subject :    Discipline and Code of Ethics                                                                                  F ½       It has come to my attention that most drivers and conductors are of late displaying a lot ofindiscipline. Majority of these workers arrive late,C-1usefoul languageC-2to the passangers and lack courtesy C-3even among collegues. Sadly, others have been caught giving bribe to the police, and receiving the same from our clients. OverloadingC-4, overspeeding and failure to wear uniform are all issues that are againstt our code of ethics. You are therefore sternly warned C-5that failure to change your behaviour and attitude will lead to dire consequences.      Remember your company is your lifeline.         The Manager       F ½          

Format         F = 4

Content        C =5

Language      = 3


  2. Internal  memo

Language Interpretation

3 mks        – The learner communicates with ease. No tense, or spelling errors.

  • Subject- verb agreement rule observed
  • -good paragraphing.
  • Good use of sentence structures.
  • A flawless writing.

 2 mks        – A few spelling and tense errors present. A few errors in sentence construction.

  • Has a number of general errors but the student still communicates.

1 mk        – Has all types of serious errors in tenses, spelling and poor paragraphing.

  • The learner can’t communicate and one has to gues what he means.

NB: Do not award 0 (zero) mark for language.

  1. Sample Card
B 1
QUICK SAFARIS TRANSPORT COMPANY LTD                                GUIDANCE COUNSELLING &DEPARTMENT                 F ½ Cordially invite,F ½ Mr/Mrs/Miss………………………………………………………………… F ½ To a motivationalC-½ talk that will be held on 28th March, 2015C-½ in the Bidii HallC-½at10.00am.C-½ The Guest Speaker will be: Mr. Nicholas Buteti,C-½  the C.E.O,   Keya Roads and Transport Authority. The themeC-½ of the talk will be:Behaviour and Attitude change. Kindly observe punctuality. R.S.V.P           F ½  
The Manager, Quick Safaris Transport Co. Ltd,     OR P.O BOX 10000-111101 NAIROBI TEL NO: 0727722700  
The Head of Department, Guidance and Counselling Quick Safaris Transport Co. Ltd, P.O BOX 10000-111101 NAIROBI MOBILE: 0700722727  

Format    F = 2

Content   C =3

Tone       T  =1

Borders  B = 1


  • Cloze test
  • becoming
  • but
  •  posing
  • attempts/efforts
  • stamp
  • down
  • poaching
  • are
  • up
  • in
  • i)

– nipples/ripples

  • air/hair
  • pressure/pleasure
  • strong/long(any  2 × ½) = 1mk

      ii)     Alliteration1 mk

      iii)sweet sensation         sound/s/

sleep    whispers       softly          (2mks)

    iv)    I would dramatize1mk by lowering1mk my tone. I would also say it in a slow pace, to create the

onset1mk of the approaching sleep.

       i.e  Non-verbal (dramatize )    1mk

            Verbal         (pace or tone) 1mk

            Effect                                1mk 

  • Maintain eye contact.
  • Adopt a posture that is authoritative because this might elicit a positive response
  • Do something unexpected like referring to a specific person by name, without embarassing them.
  • Begin by clearing the throat.
  • Clap or ring a bell.
  • Begin by telling a joke.
  • Begin with a famous quotation or a proverb.
  • Greet the audience.
  • Sing a relevant chorus.

(Any 5 points × 1= 5mks)

  • Riddle
  • Personification   ½ mk (Identification)
  2. To entertain
  3. To help the child in language acquisition.
  4. To help the child appreciate and learn about his/her environment.
  5. To sharpen the wit.

(Any 2pts ×1= 2mks)

  • Suc.cess
  • ad.vice
  • chal.lenge
  • ob.serve(1mk × 4 = 4mks)
  • muscle – mussel
  • worn   –  warn
  • come- cum
  • which- witch
  • The father does not prepare to listen, i.e does not adopt a listening posture.
  • He interrupts severally i.e does not adhere to the turn-taking rule.
  • He is not emphathetic – he does not put himself in the shoes of his daughter in order appreciate where she is coming from.
  • He is full of self-importance / self-praise. This prevents him from reaching out to his daughter.
  • He is absent-minded – he changes the topic abruptly thus interrupting the flow of the conversation.
  • He has pre-conceived ideas about Chemistry. He doesn’t give the daughter a chance to explain herself.
  • He is unwilling to see his own shortcomings as far as listening skills are concernrd.

e.g he says, “I heard you” – he believes he was listening.

  • He is insensitive – he does not realize he has hurt his daughter by not listening to her.

       (Any 6 points ×1=6pnts)

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